Why do some of the scents I've chosen smell stronger than other scents in your collections?

All our melts are made using the same wax & percent of fragrance oil, the quality of products used in our melts is never compromised our aim is too provide the consumer with high quality melts, you will find the strength of scent will be stronger in some scents more than others just as when you buy perfumes & aftershaves they all vary in strength & longevity.

How often should you change your wax melts?

Your melts can be used until the scent has completely faded, we advise to then clean the used wax from the dish ready for a new piece on your next burn. Never add new wax to old wax as this will weaken the scent throw you will achieve.

Are your melts pet safe?

Our melts are made using synthetic fragrance oils. It is generally essential fragrance oils and not synthetic fragrance oils that can cause a problem with pets. Our own pets have have never suffered through any testing of products we have done at home but of course animals are like humans in the fact that they can develop allergic reactions to anything at anytime and we therefore advise you consult your vet should any problems occur.

I want my melts to last longer...

The scent throw from our melts will eventually fade & you may be disappointed that they did not fulfil your expectations, following these simple steps will help you achieve the best results.

* Always clean old wax from your burner/warmer, never add new wax too old.

* Do not allow your burner to get too hot, use the correct wattage & setting, if using a tea light burner only use 4 hour tea lights, wait for the wax & burner to completely cool down before relighting another tea light.

* Store your melts away from direct heat & sunlight, try & keep them in the packets they arrive in.

* Try out different scents over time, we can become "nose blind" & stop smelling the scent you love & use all the time.